Storage Tips

  1. Whatever you need to access frequently keep to the front of your unit.
  2. Leave a path to the back of your unit for easier access.
  3. Leave a few inches between your items and the wall for maximum ventilation.
  4. To prevent moisture problems, raise items off the floor with pallets or boards.
  5. Put heavier boxes on the bottom and fragile items on top.
  6. Wedge the doors open on kitchen appliances to avoid mildew and buildup of bad odors.
  7. Fill wardrobes, drawers, washing machines, etc. with small boxes to maximize your space.
  8. Consider using plastic bins — they provide better protection against mold and mildew than cardboard boxes.
  9. Take special care of items susceptible to freezing or melting, such as candles.
  10. Label all your items and keep a separate list of everything in your unit.



plastic containers